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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are there Ghosts?  We leave that up to you to decide. This a 50,000 square foot old hospital that has had lots of deaths. We have seen and heard things we can't explain. You can be the judge. 

2. Are there lights? There are only certain areas with outlets for our cameras. So bring a flashlight. 

3. Is it Cold? Yes, most of the windows are boarded up, so even on a hot day it is colder inside. Layer your clothing and wear comfortable clothes and shoes, there is lots of walking and lots of stairs. 

4. Is there an age limit? Yes we prefer people 14 or older. 

5. Is the building safe? Yes it is, we have areas blocked off where the floors are warped or have water damage. It is dusty and dirty. If people are sensitive to dust we suggest they bring a mask. We also have a few bats that make an appearance from time to time, but they don't seem to bother us to much. 

6. Do I sign a waiver? Yes, everyone will sign a waiver before each tour. 

7. Where do the proceeds go from the Tours?  Some of the funds goes to staffing to put on the tours, so they receive a percentage of the funds. Some of the funds are used towards rent of the building to the private owner. That is why all sales must be done online for our records. The City of Colfax does not receive funds from this event. Only the private non profits do. 

8. Are there stairs? Yes and a lot of them. So if you can not climb stairs or stand for a long period of time do not sign up for a tour. 

9. Will I learn the history? Yes, a guide will begin the tour with the history of the building and tell you what each floor was used for. They will point out historic rooms throughout the building. This is a big part of our tour. 

10. I was born in St. Ignatius, how would I find my room? If you have a baby book, you should have a small card that says St. Ignatius with a stork on it. In the top right hand corner there is a room number. If you know the room number we can show you what room you were in. But we do not have records of patients or their room numbers. 

11. Can I bring a camera? Absolutely, we have people take tons of photos and it is amazing what they find at the end of the night! 

12. If I have paranormal equipment can I use it? Yes, we encourage people to bring their own equipment to use. We have some, but it is provided and purchased by the guides. We will let people check it out and show them how to use it.  Phones are great for recordings, we encourage people to record sessions in rooms and then play them back to see if you catch any voices. There are also a lot of ghost hunting apps available for free. 

13. Do I need a ticket? Once you sign up online you should receive a thank you email. That means we have your name on our list for the ghost hunt that you signed up for.  Just show up 15 minutes before your tour and sign in. The price listed is per person. 

14. Do you accept walk ups? NO, we usually sell out and we can't add extra people to our tours.  So be sure to sign up online. 

15. Are there bathrooms? Yes, we have portable toilets near the entrance. You can go out and use them anytime during the tour. The guides will even walk you out and get you back to your group. 

16. Can I drink on the tour? NO, we do not let intoxicated people on the tour. People want to come and investigate and explore the building. We do not want to deal with intoxicated people. There are no refunds if you are asked to leave because of intoxication. 

17. Can I Cancel and get a refund? NO, we do not give refunds. But we will try to reschedule your tickets if we have space on a different day. Reschedules must be done at least 5 days prior to your tour. 

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